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Elton to Yarwell and Nassington


Approx 4 miles.

Start by heading north from Elton on Duck Street and park on the right, at the start of the bridleway, just before the bridge over the River Nene.

Go along the track, past the small sewage works and along clearly defined paths to the river edge.

Here the bridleway is signposted right and the footpath left - take the left track marked “footpath”.

As you see the raised track bed of the old Nene Valley Railway, bear right to join the track bed about 100 metres from the river where there is a clear path. Follow this track bed until signposts take you left across a field to the river bank.

The footbridge marked on the map has sadly been removed so follow the nearside river bank along a path to meet the footbridge further along the river.

Cross the bridge and follow the Nene Way path through Yarwell Mill and up to the road in Yarwell (Mill Road).

Cross the road and take the footpath directly opposite, making sure you take the right-left kink after 50 metres or you’ll end up back where you started !

Once you meet the main Nassington Road, turn left for 200 metres before taking the clearly marked bridleway on the right which will take you into Nassington.

Once in Nassington, continue through the village towards the church and turn right onto Woodnewton Road, taking the signposted footpath on the left after 100 metres. 

Follow the dog-leg path through Nassington Cricket Ground to the road, picking up the footpath more or less opposite (don’t walk down the road and take the Nene Way).

The clearly marked path will take you back to the starting point if you keep direction throughout - don’t be tempted left or right as the path really is as straight as the map suggests ! 


A nice easy going and compact walk that can be taken at a very leisurely pace and with plenty to enjoy.

All of the routes are clearly marked and will take you along river banks, over footbridges, through woodlands, along old disused railway track beds, through cute villages and more. For the nature lovers, the outward leg in particular is full of interest with wild flowers swarming with butterflies of several varieties and the hedgerows alive with bird song.

Some of the fields are in cultivation - albeit with clearly marked routes - others are lovely unspoilt grass meadows, especially around the Yarwell Mill area.

Kids will survive this walk courtesy of a couple of lovely retro-style 60’s play areas on the route - one in Yarwell and a better one on Nassington Cricket Ground. Both offer great spots for the half way picnic ! 

The last leg of the route, from Nassington to Elton, is the least enjoyable and it may be worthwhile doing the route in reverse and saving the more interesting elements to the second half of the walk.